Welcome to The Council on Education of the Deaf

The Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) is an organization sponsored by eight major national organizations dedicated to quality education for all deaf and hard of hearing students. CED promulgates nationally recognized standards for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students in all educational settings, accredits university programs preparing teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and collaborates with a variety of other related organizations through several national committees and workgroups.


New Executive Director Team

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the new CED Executive Directors will be the team of Drs. Blane Trautwein and Sarah Ammerman from UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. Their success with this team approach has led them to secure over $4,000,000 in external funding including three federal (OSEP) personnel preparation grants including one across universities. Dr. Ammerman served as the ACE-DHH President in 2015-2016 which included overseeing the 2015 ACE-DHH conference. They both hosted the 2017 ACE-DHH conference in San Antonio. They successfully completed their 2009 and 2016 CED program accreditation reviews, meaning that they are thoroughly familiar with the accreditation process and CED standards. Their team-based approach potentially offers CED double the energy, ideas, and resources for this position. They also bring an office assistant who is assigned to their deaf education program, who can help with logistical and other support in their work as the CED Executive Directors.

I again want to thank everyone who helped to ensure that we had a very strong pool of candidates from which to choose. I also want to thank the Executive Committee for their time in reviewing files and interviewing these excellent candidates.

The transition process is currently underway with the expected change occurring September 1, 2019. We anticipate that the email address for the Executive Director will remain the same so if you have any questions, you still may use executivedirector@councilondeafed.org. We are very much looking forward to the additional energies and resources that Drs. Trautwein and Ammerman bring to our CED Board. Their new ideas and approaches will be extremely valuable to all of us in the field of deaf education, and the significant challenges are facing at this time.

Pamela Luft, CED President


A big THANK YOU to the hosts and sponsors of our bi-annual CED Board Meetings. Our Fall 2016 and 2017 meetings were held at and supported by Gallaudet University, our Fall 2018 meeting was held (for the first time ever!) at A.G. Bell headquarters in Washington D.C. and N.A.D. has offered to host our 2019 Fall meeting at their National Office in Silver Spring, MD. NTID continues to be a loyal supporter or our February meeting in conjunction with ACE-DHH.


Congratulations to Washington University of St. Louis and the California State University at Northridge! Both programs achieved their CED Accreditation and received their Certificate of Accreditation at the recent ACE-DHH Meeting in Chicago, IL.


CED President Pam Luft has written an important letter describing the growing national shortage of teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing (attached below). We ask that you use this letter to initiate discussions about the importance of preparing highly qualified teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students with colleagues at your university and with personnel at your respective state departments of education. Programs that prepare teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students are still being closed and we all need to work together to reverse this trend and ensure that all deaf and hard of hearing students have highly qualified and specially trained teachers.

National Teacher Shortage (PDF/104KB)


A committee of the CED Board is in the process of updating its Standards, accreditation rubrics and the materials needed for accreditation applications. Revised standards, program review rubrics and forms, edited as of February, 2019 are now posted under the Accreditation tab.

Promoting excellence in educating the deaf