CED Accreditation

CED conducts a nationally recognized process for the accreditation of post-secondary programs which train teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students. The CED Accreditation program is built upon the core competencies in special education set forth by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and also has standards specifically for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students. Graduates of CED Accredited programs are eligible for CED individual Certification which represents the highest standard for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students.

List of CED Accredited Programs
pdf CED Accredited Teacher Preparation Programs (rev 7_13_2020)

For more information about the CED Teacher Preparation Program Accreditation process, contact:
Executive Directors
Dr. Sarah Ammerman and Dr. Blane Trautwein
Council on Education of the Deaf
c/o University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
MC 7777
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Email: executivedirector@councilondeafed.org

Below are attachments that contain instructions, forms and manuals needed for the Teacher Preparation Program Accreditation process. CED/CEC standards for teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing can also be found on this website.

pdf icon CED-Combined Report-Forms-Feb 2020
pdf icon CED-Program-Review-Instructions-Feb 2020
pdf icon CED-Program-Review-Rubric-Rev_Feb 2020

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