CED Certification

The Council on Education of the Deaf is a national organization sponsored by eight major national organizations devoted to quality education for all deaf and hard of hearing individuals. CED maintains high standards for certifying teachers working with deaf and hard of hearing students in all educational settings and CED standards are linked to Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) standards as well. Individuals who have successfully completed an accredited CED teacher preparation program are eligible to apply for this certification.

There is now a pathway for teachers and faculty members from non CED-accredited programs to obtain CED certification!
Please contact Sarah Ammerman and Blane Trautwein at executivedirector@councilondeafed.org if you are interested in pursuing this type of certification.

pdf icon CED Individual Faculty Report Form (Nov 2021)
pdf icon CED Individual Teacher Report Form (Nov 2021)

Professional Certificate
Minimum 3-years experience teaching deaf or hard of hearing students).

To obtain or renew your Provisional or Professional certification

1. Fill out the CED Teacher Certification application

2. Email completed application to executivedirector@councilondeafed.org or mail completed application, transcripts as required and the required fee, to:
Council on Education of the Deaf
c/o University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
MC 7777
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78229

$50.00: Provisional (Initial)*
$75.00: Professional and Renewal
*Group rate: for applicants who, upon graduation from a CED Accredited Teacher Preparation Program, apply as part of a group, the fee is $40.00 per individual. Checks must be submitted together or by one check from the program.

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